Our First Blog Post

Posted by Mark Abramowicz, M.D.

After 53 years of publication, The Medical Letter has a blog. That is nothing unusual these days, but The Medical Letter is unusual, perhaps unique, in some other ways. We are supported entirely by subscription fees. We do not accept advertisements, gifts, grants or donations. We do not sell bulk reprints to pharmaceutical manufacturers. We review, with rare exceptions, every new drug approved by the FDA, and now in our Treatment Guidelines publication, we review classes of drugs for common conditions and make recommendations for choosing among and between them.

In future blog posts, we hope to offer some readings from between the lines of our issues and some comments on topics that we have not written about for one reason or another. There will be no sacred cows here. The pharmaceutical industry is not the enemy. The FDA is not always right, and neither is The Medical Letter. We hope you will stay tuned/visit our site/follow us. We will do our best to make it worth your while.

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  1. Sam Brown MD says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and found it informative. I look forward to future editions.

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